Are Dynamic Holiday Packages + DIY Holidays Cheaper?

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With the introduction of the Internet and the easy access to worldwide flights and accommodation everyone can make their own holiday. Simply find a low cost carrier and get some cheap flights and add on a cheap hotel and you may have saved yourself lots of money off your next holiday or city break. Generally this article covers details on how to check for cheap flights and accommodation. The same principles apply to finding luxury hotels and even first class flights. It is generally the same process except if you are prepared to spend more you can be more specific and select better flight times and airlines. You can also upgrade your flights to first class or upgrade your room to a more luxurious option.

Package Holidays are on the Increase

Initially the number of traditional package holiday bookings dropped as people made their own travel arrangements. However package holidays have bounced back and are actually on the increase again. We have a web page covering package holidays which will provide some of the reasons for their resurgence (Click on this link to access the package holidays page)

What are the Options for Create Your Own Holiday

There are a few build a holiday options where you can book the flights, accommodation and airport transfers yourself. The obvious way is to go to the airlines own web site and book flights. Then find a hotel booking site or contact the hotel direct. Either the hotel will arrange transfers or you can book car hire or take a taxi from the airport if your hotel is not far away. This is fine if you know what airlines fly to your destination and the accommodation provider is reliable as well. Some of the problems with doing this yourself could be if you book in advance to get cheap flights and the airline drops the route. You could be stuck with accommodation and no way to get there. Or you could be left looking for alternative flights at a later date which could cost much more than you initially paid. Another issue is with either fake or unreliable accommodation providers. Imagine turning up in the middle of the night and you have nowhere to stay and all rooms elsewhere are full or double the price! There really are worst case scenarios and many people travel abroad using this simple method without any problems whatsoever. If there is a problem and you are confident you can handle any possible problems then you could save a lot of money particularly if you manage to get cheap flights. If you are planning on looking for cheap flights have a look at the prices on a Tuesday and a Wednesday as these tend to be the cheapest.

Create Your Own Holiday Web Sites – Dynamic Holiday Packages

The other way and probably the easier way to put together a holiday is to use some of the dynamic travel sites. These web sites have details on lots of cheap flights from a number of airlines. This way you may also discover an airline that you did not know about that also offers the flights you are looking for. You can sometimes combine flights with different airlines to save money. There is no reason why you can’t travel out on one airline and return on another. Once you have selected the flights you are happy with you are then offered a selection of accommodation to choose from. Generally the search systems on these site let you select the board basis, resort, star rating of the accommodation and more. Some offer accommodation more suited for adults or for family holidays. This can be a lot easier than trying to search lots of different airline web site and repeatedly put in the same information on each site. Also most dynamic travel sites also offer car hire or airport transfers as well. So you can book flights, accommodation and airport transfers at the one time on the one web site. Please note that this still may not mean that you have booked a package holiday and will be covered under the ATOL scheme. Some of these dynamic travel firms offer different types of financial protection. Please check before you book to make sure you are happy with what they have to offer. This also applies to what you are getting with the accommodation you have chosen and the flights as well. Make sure that the price includes your luggage costs if required and the hotel includes all the amenities you are expecting. There is no point in booking this way if you are saving money because you don’t get access to any of the hotels facilities or kids’ clubs. These dynamic travel sites have grown in popularity because they offer holidaymakers some great value deals.

Airline Build a Holiday Options

Similar to the dynamic travel sites mentioned about some of the airline operate in a similar way and offer flights, transfers and accommodation. Some offer these as package holidays and issue ATOL receipts and others don’t. So if this is important to you please check before you book with them. The main difference between the dynamic web sites and the airline ones is that the airline ones only offer their flights. Not really a big shock that when you go on the easyJet Holidays web site you are only offered easyjet. There can be some advantages to booking with the airline direct for flights and accommodation over booking with other companies. Some travel firms add on some kind of charge on top of the non commission flights so they can be more expensive. If you know what airline you want to travel with it could be worth taking a few minutes to compare prices just in case you get it cheaper.

Don’t Forget to Look at Package Holidays

If you are looking for a cheap holiday and are happy to search primarily by price then these dynamic options are a good option if you are comfortable with them. There are also package holidays that offer specific holidays that are not available by these methods. Some of the larger holiday firms offer targeted holiday options aimed at specific holidaymakers. You can select adult only holidays where there are no children under 16 allowed. There are also some fantastic holiday options for families where the accommodation offers lots of activities as well as children’s clubs and much more. There are also holidays that offer access to or include on site water-parks and others that offer lots of activities. If you are quite happy simply with a cheap holiday some of the package holiday firms also offer value for money holidays as well. These budget holidays can off some really good priced holiday offers and some also include free child places.

Whatever option you go for make sure you shop around for the best holiday for you. You can do this using our special quick links page where you will find lots of quick links to various travel and holiday firms web sites. There is no one search we have found that will offer you as much choice or options as you will get checking a few different sites yourself. A holiday is one of the largest annual expenses from most peoples household budgets so don’t take finding the holiday you deserve lightly.

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