2013 Popular Destinations Guide from British Airways

British AirwaysIt's coming up to that time of year when many people book their summer holiday. Some people are happy to go back to the same destination year after year however others are always looking for somewhere new to travel to.

So for those people who are looking for some inspiration here are some destinations that are predicted to be the most popular in 2013 from British Airways.

British Airways top 13 destinations for 2013

British Airways have released their list of top destinations for 2013 and as you would expect being a worldwide
airline these destinations are spread out all over the world.

The first destination on the British Airways list is Sri Lanka which has beautiful beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is also great for wildlife lovers. British Airways operates flights from London to Colombo, Sri Lanka from April 2013

Destination number two Rio De Janeiro, Brazil the city chosen for the 2014 World Cup as well as the 2016 Olympic Games. Not forgetting the world-famous carnival and the beaches makes this destination a popular choice.

For the third destination British Airways have selected Seoul in Korea which has an amazing culture with lots to do and see. British Airways offers flights from just £691 return between London and Seoul.

Destination four is a bit closer to home in a destination which is popular with many holidaymakers looking for clear waters and picturesque fishing villages and not to mention great beaches. Croatia is very accessible and British Airways operate flights to Dubrovnik from just £59

Vietnam is destination number five and is one of those destinations that is appearing on many lists of popular destinations for 2013. It is compared by many to Thailand 20 years ago and offers holidaymakers a less commercialised holiday. There is lots of cultural and sightseeing opportunities in Vietnam. British Airways operates flights to Hong Kong with connections with their partner airline Cathay Pacific onto Ho Chi Minh City.

Destination number six is Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic offers sun sea and sand in the Caribbean without costing a fortune. Flights to this destination start at from £676 per person return.

Destination seven is the U.K.'s city of culture for 2013 and is Derry in Northern Ireland. To celebrate the fact that it is city of culture for 2013 the are lots of activities and celebrations planned throughout the year. Look out for the festival of light which takes place on November. British Airways flights to Belfast start at £81 from London.

Las Vegas USA is destination number eight and is generally on most companies top destinations each year. Las Vegas offers a glamorous holiday destination but is also a good base to explore some nearby sightseeing opportunities. Flights to Las Vegas with British Airways start at just £575 per person return.

Destination 9 and this time it's Tbilisi Georgia which is one of those destinations that many people haven't heard of or have considered visiting before. It is said to be built on the crossroads between Europe and Asia and as such offers a fascinating mixture of culture which is reflected in the city's architecture.

For destination number 10 were back in the United States of America on the West Coast and California's second-largest city San Diego. San Diego is a great destination with a mild climate and an amazing bay side location. For many visitors to San Diego they head straight for the beach however San Diego offers a lot more. British Airways offers flights to San Diego from London from just £677 per person return.

Destination 11 is Cape Town in South Africa which saw a massive transformation when it hosted the 2010 World Cup. Cape Town offers a coastal location with beautiful beaches with easy access to some national parks for those looking to get some photographs of South Africa's more exotic inhabitants.

Destination number 12 is a bit of a surprise however it is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers in mainland Spain. Destination 12 is Alicante which millions of holidaymakers travel to each year and then either drive or take a coach to the holiday resort of Benidorm. However destination 12 isn't Benidorm it's Alicante which has a lot going for it itself. It has beaches, great nightlife and has undergone recent renovation which is why it is on the top destination list for 2013.

Finally destination 13 is a destination that also features on most people's top destination list namely Dubai. A popular destination with an amazing number of shopping centres, in fact they are over 65 of them. If shopping is not your thing the other activities such as hot air ballooning and desert drives in 4×4 vehicles and more. British Airways offers flights to Dubai from just £472 per person return.

For further details of these destinations and to check flight availability please visit the British Airways website where you will also find accommodation prices as well.

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