New Rights for Cruise and Ferry Passengers

Ferry passengers and holidaymakers travelling on a Cruise are now able to enjoy similar rights as those travelling by air if there trip is delayed or cancelled. This is the result of new EU legislation that has now come into force.

This is the first time that travellers across the EU are now able to claim compensation of between 25 and 50% of the ticket price for delays. The compensation offered will depend on the duration of the delay and the length of the scheduled journey. You will be entitled to some form of compensation if the delay is at least an hour and the journey time is four hours or less. The new rules also apply to inland waterways as well.

The new legislation which will apply to most cruise and ferry services operating within the EU also provides disabled passengers or those with reduced mobility similar rates of accessibility and assistance as airline passengers currently have. Ferry and cruise companies will not be able to refuse reservations from disabled customers or charge any extra.

The main benefits of this new legislation will be for passengers travelling on ferries rather than cruise ships where passengers have been previously protected by the existing package travel regulations.